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Album: Hard Rain Falling (2015)

Song: The Cops Shot A Kid

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Canada's legendary Punk Kings, who helped spread punk rock counterculture around the world, approach a momentous milestone. Since 1978, D.O.A. has been happily slashing away at all manner of philosophical enemies. They've traveled the globe almost continuously since their formation; they released their first snarling piece of vinyl, the "Disco Sucks" EP in June of that year. That slab of plastic opened the door to international prominence, riots, and three generations of fans.

In 1981, D.O.A. made the term "hardcore" their own and pushed it into the common vernacular with their legendary album "Hardcore 81" and subsequent tours. Consequently, D.O.A. has been cited as a major influence for tons of bands ranging from The Red Hot Chili Peppers to Green Day to Rancid to The Offspring. They followed that up with their ground breaking 12" on Alternative Tentacles "War on 45"- which is still in print and just as hard-hitting and timely as when it was released in 1982!

D.O.A. has always worn their politics on their sleeves. They've done a lot shit disturbing along the way. They've been harassed and busted and survived all that crap. D.O.A.'s straight-forward slogan, TALK-ACTION=0 sums it all up.

The band has played benefits for Rape Relief, anti-racism, rock-for brains, anti-globalization, OXFAM, first nations rights, anti censorship and environmental causes, among many others, putting their art where their ethics are.

D.O.A.'s sound and philosophy has been held together by Canada's Godfather of punk Joey "Shithead" Keithley's songwriting, singing and guitar playing. D.O.A.'s sound, although always rooted in punk rock, has managed to create a fair bit of consternation for those who would like to choose musical boxes. It's punk,but it incorporates rock n' roll, reggae, metal,and ska. Whatever the hell their sound is, it's pulled out a "Yeah, that's the shit!" from the likes of Jello Biafra, Henry Rollins, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sonic Youth, John Doe, Randy Bachman, Dave Grohl, Pete Seeger, and many many more!

DOA has continued in the tradition that they pioneered almost twenty years ago, when they opened the doors for smaller, lesser known hardcore bands to tour in North America, as well as Europe and the rest of the world. They are blasting through live shows with their new rock solid lineup of Joey, The Great Baldini on drums and new bassist Damned Dan Yaremko [Econoline Crush, Bif Naked]. Vancouver's finest hardcore punk rockers are still going strong, and still turning heads.

D.O.A. has traveled a long, tough road that has taken them around the world and the raw energy continues. In the late 1990s Joey resurrected Sudden Death Records, the band's label which released their first 7" in 1978. The label has been releasing new records by DOA, Joey Shithead, and many new and veteran bands since then. Recently Mayor Larry Campbell of Vancouver declared December 21st to be "D.O.A. Day" in Vancouver. The band has also been featured in punk and political books published around the world.

Now in 2015, D.O.A. is back with a vengeance. It looked like Canada's legendary punk pioneers were going to hang it up, as Joe sought political office, but that didn't happen this time so the political world's loss is the music world's gain. D.O.A. has a brand new album, "Hard Rain Falling," out now on Sudden Death Records and iTunes, and a tour in the works.

To come up with Hard Rain Falling, Joe, Paddy Duddy (drums) and Mike Maggot (bass) took inspiration from D.O.A.'s early classics: Something Better Change, Hardcore 81 and War on 45 and made the songs quick, short and right to the point. With anthems like "The Cops Shot a Kid," "Punk Rock Hero," "Warmonger," "Kicked In The Teeth" and "Racism Sucks," they take on environmental destruction, racism, street gangs and warmongers. There's even a cover of the reggae classic "Johnny Too Bad."